Permanent Recruitment

At TOPPRANK CONNECT, we take great care to perfectly match a Candidate's abilities and traits to each position. Only when we think a candidate meets the qualifications for the position do we recommend them for consideration or an interview. We have refined our procedure to make sure every applicant possesses the necessary credentials, is aware of what is expected of them, and fits well with a company's culture. Each Candidate is carefully gotten to know by our advisors, who ask them questions about their professional backgrounds, skills, and objectives. Our three permanent placement choices are as follows:

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A TOPPRANK CONNECT Consultant holds the role just for this service. This option enables the consultant to take their time to deliver the best prospects and qualification process, which benefits the clients by resulting in a higher-quality hire. In order to establish a transparent and reliable working relationship, TOPPRANK CONNECT acts as an extension of your team, providing communication and updates throughout the hiring process. Additionally, by preventing many recruiters from contacting the same applicant for the same post, exclusive recruiting improves the employer brand. Your company is represented by your recruitment consultant. You can manage that image by utilising a premium service. You only pay for exclusive recruitment if a placement is successful. The majority of our recruitment consultants are also open to reducing their cost in exchange for a premium service.

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The Client collaborates with other Recruitment Agencies to provide this service. Working with many recruitment agencies allows you to access a larger pool of candidates quickly. Contrary to exclusive recruitment, where a client would receive a specialised, finely tuned shortlist from one agency, contingent recruitment still necessitates the client to screen CVs internally as they are more likely to receive more applications and individuals who have also applied to other positions. In order to ensure that we represent your brand in a professional manner, TOPPRANK CONNECT always aims to offer a thorough, reliable, and professional service. You only pay for contingent hiring if a placement is successful.

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The hiring process for retained positions is pay as you go. It is divided into three sections. Initial payment equal to a portion of the anticipated fee. Second, a percentage is paid after the shortlist is created, and finally, the full amount is paid if a job is successfully placed. The first two payments are not refundable if the client decides not to proceed with the hiring. Your TOPPRANK CONNECT Consultant will have more time with retained search since they will have more time to thoroughly headhunt passive candidates and examine active databases. In order to find the best people who fit your needs and brand and work together to get the desired result, we establish solid working relationships with each of our clients.